Embedding a Leaflet.js Map on a Drupal Site

admin panel of content management system

As an active member of the Pennsylvania Mapping & Geographic Information Consortium (PaMAGIC), I am serving as the website admin for the organization.  A few months ago we completed the rebuild of our site using Drupal 7.x.  As our membership is primarily professionals who use maps in their daily work, we wanted to include a … Continue reading Embedding a Leaflet.js Map on a Drupal Site


Leaflet GeoJSON Feature Search

person searching for records

Last month I published the PaMAGIC Members Map on the organization's website.  The map was built using the Esri plugins to Leaflet.js.  One of my favorite features of their geocoding plugin is the ability to search within the features of a map/feature service.  The map is using this plugin to allow users to search for … Continue reading Leaflet GeoJSON Feature Search