Leaflet GeoJSON Feature Search

person searching for records

Last month I published the PaMAGIC Members Map on the organization's website.  The map was built using the Esri plugins to Leaflet.js.  One of my favorite features of their geocoding plugin is the ability to search within the features of a map/feature service.  The map is using this plugin to allow users to search for … Continue reading Leaflet GeoJSON Feature Search


Using GeoJSON with Leaflet

city park with buildings in background

Last November, I presented an introductory session on the GeoJSON data format at the Central PA GIS Day event in Harrisburg, PA.  I also have a GeoJSON/Leaflet pen on CodePen that has been getting decent traffic lately.  With these things in mind, I thought I’d share a some thoughts about GeoJSON. My presentation and demos from … Continue reading Using GeoJSON with Leaflet