GeoDev Summit Recap

GeoDev Summit welcome sign

I wanted to give a recap and tell the backstory to the recently held GeoDev Summit.  The event was held on March 5 at Harrisburg University of Science & Technology.  It was a one day conference for current and future GIS Developers.  Sessions covered topics like Esri's JavaScript API, open-source web GIS technologies, and desktop scripting … Continue reading GeoDev Summit Recap


Testing Nominatim Geocoder with Leaflet.js

street sign showing directions to various places

I recently wrote a post about the Esri Geocoding plugin for the Leaflet.js web mapping library.  In my spare time, I have been working on developing a version of an existing web map that does not use any  Esri-Leaflet plugins.  One of these features of the map is geocoding or searching by street address or … Continue reading Testing Nominatim Geocoder with Leaflet.js