Building the Find Zoning District By Parcel App

screen shot of a municipal zoning map

Our IT department is developing an online plan submission website for the County's Planning office.  In talking with the developers, the topic of finding the zoning district for a tax parcel (or piece of real estate) came up.  Our GIS department publishes services for both tax parcels and zoning districts.  I've also been wanting to … Continue reading Building the Find Zoning District By Parcel App

Esri Leaflet Geocoder Crash Course

road map

I thought I’d introduce the Esri Leaflet Geocoder plugin in this post. It is one of many plugins Esri has developed to support integration with the Leaflet.js web mapping library. Although Esri states that they “provide no guarantee of individual features, nor a traditional product lifecycle to support planning,” they have integrated their technology with … Continue reading Esri Leaflet Geocoder Crash Course