How to Access The Web Map in StoryMapsJS

an open book on top of a table.

I wanted to share how you can configure the underlying web map when working with the StoryMapsJS platform. I didn’t find any documentation on how to do this. I only figured this out because I spent some time examining the source code.  17,000 lines into the storymap.js file was my access point into the web map: = {}; // For direct access to Leaflet Map

If you haven’t used StoryMapsJS, it is an alternative to the Esri series of StoryMaps. It is built on top of Leaflet.js. I developed one of these story maps to highlight the leadership team  for a professional organization in the state of Pennsylvania.  The app contains an information card for each entry in the tour, and is integrated with the web map to  show locations.  The information for each slide is manged in a JSON file.  There are also some other storytelling products developed through the Knight Lab.

screen shot of a web map application developed using the StoryMapsJS platform
The PaMAGIC Leadership Team Story Map built using StoryMapsJS

As I had a difficult time learning how to do this, I wanted to provide other developers with a quick reference.  I’m still now sure the limits to working with the Leaflet web map within this platform.

I was able to add some map controls, but got errors when trying to add others.  I also got errors when I tried to use the Esri Leaflet plugin and when I tried to add a WMS tile layer.



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